LifeFoods Organic Cacao Butter 500g


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Not only does Cacao Butter add a certain richness to your food but retains all its important nutrition as LifeFoods Raw Cacao Butter has been cold-pressed, and is certified organic.


  • Health Benefits of Cacao Butter:
  • This rich butter is composed of essential fatty acids Omega-6 which are important for your brain function, they help your skin and hair to replenish and help you maintain strong bones whilst regulating metabolism.
  • In cacao butter there is monounsaturated Omega-9 which is also called oleic acid (is what is found in olive oil) and may be good for the health of our heart.
  • It is a plentiful source of Vitamin E making it great for your skin.
  • Finally it’s chemical and hexane free so you can eat it knowing you are getting a whole food.


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